Monday, 6 June 2011


It’s been a while – many things had happen over this time.
First of all we (me and Milda) finally visited my sister. It was an exciting trip for us both – flight with plane, other country. We saw only a small part of Norway, but it was an amazing adventure to see it. [I’m afraid my English is too poor to describe all my impressions] :)
 We in "World End"
[more pic later]

Second – not so good surprise, when we came back home. My PC hard disc burned with all mine study material and with my final work to get bachelor degree :( … and with all photos, knitting patterns, etc. :(( I would have been had had my diploma this week, and now I can only hope, that specialists will be able to repair disc over the summer...

And a bright side of the story – I could pass my exams with no stress and start my summer vacation earlier. I did some knitting and crocheting, which show you later. And I even tried out decoupage  technique for first time... :)

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